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Conferences, weddings and banquets

Technical equipment

Technical equipment
  • All of the technical equipment should be ordered in advance
  • Internet is available at the hotel free of charge
  • The price includes installation of equipment and VAT
 Price per day
Flipchart & markersIncluded to the price
extra set 15 EUR
TV & Videofrom 50 EUR
Video data projectorInclusive
Video data projector extra set70 EUR day
15 EUR  hour
Laptop50 EUR day
DVD13 EUR day

Printer price from

(depending on the  technical specifications)

 from 50 EUR day
CD Player13 EUR day
Equipment for videoconferenceas agreed
Video camera & operatoras agreed
Simultaneous interpretation
Depend on the number of
participants and languages
Stationary microphone15 EUR day
Cordless (radio or pocket) microphone35 EUR day
Audio recordingas agreed
Table flags 3 EUR per sheet
Copier0.20 EUR per sheet
Printouts0.35 EUR per sheet
Fax0.35 EUR per sheet