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SPA and Wellness Oasis
Saunas and pools centre Wellness Oasis

Important to visit the Wellness Oasis

Important to visit the Wellness Oasis

WO visit time is limited (2 h 30 min / 150 min.)
Overtime is calculated with a 30 (thirty) minute increments
Membership can be used only by its owner. (One visit per person)
Visitor is responsible for his/her health, physical fitness, swimming skills and abilities

In the locker rooms:
1.Do not leave your personal belongings outside your locker unattended
2.Do not leave the key unattended, keep it with you.
3.Penalty for the lost key is EUR 50
4.Administration is not responsible for stolen or lost articles
5.The locker key should be  returned to the administrator after each visit of Wellness Oasis
6.After the visit please leave the locker open

In the sauna and pool center:
1.Please use shower before entering the pools
2.Be careful. Running or jumping in the pools is prohibited
3.Glass objects in the pool or the pool area are not allowed
4.It is not allowed to take food or beverages in Wellness Oasis area
5.It is not allowed to visit the sauna and pool center after using alcohol
6.Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a responsible adult or a parent
7.Please be aware that floors could be wet and slicky
8.For hygienically reasons guests with dermatological problems are forbidden to visit saunas and pool center
9.Children under the age of 3 must wear waterproof nappies in the pool area
10.In the territory of Hotel Jurmala SPA it is prohibited to visit the hotel staff rooms (Staff only)
11.Administration is not responsible for the visitors safety in the sauna and pool center

In the gym:
1.Before visiting the gym please, read carefully fitness equipment rules
2.Use equipment at your own risk
3.Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult. Children under the age of 12 cannot use  fitness equipment
4.After visiting the gym please return the entrance card to the administrator
5.Administration is not responsible for any injury that may occur
6.Please report faulty or damaged equipment to the administrator immediately
It is strictly prohibited to use body peelings or masks, to shave or dye hair, to make manicure and pedicure and other beauty treatments in all Wellness Oasis areas (pools, locker rooms, saunas and showers).
Non-observance of the rules above allows employees of the Wellness Oasis to ask you to leave the center and impose a fine
Dear hotel guests!
Your stay includes one time 2,5 hrs per day visit of Wellness Oasis sauna and pool centre (on the departure day till 12:00). For hotel guests additional visit is with 50% discount.