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Conferences, weddings and banquets

Tips for Event planning

Conference planning step by step

We have created a conference & event planning guideline for you to make it more easier to organize your event. Follow the 8 steps and the planning process will be easy, pleasant and the most important – the Event itself a true success!


1. Your conference budget and its allocation. So that we can prepare a suitable offer according to your financial resources. We advise to consider in advance what part of the budget will be divided for:

  • conference halls and technical equipment
  • coffee breaks and lunch / dinner
  • accommodation of participants

2. Event dates. It would be important to know from the beginning whether your planned dates are fixed, or they can be slightly changed.

3. Number of participants.

4. The type of event. Depending on the type of event - conference, seminar, press conference, banquet or training, we will offer you the most suitable hall and its layout.

5. Room set-up. Capacity of the hall depends on how the tables and chairs will be placed.

6. The required number of conference rooms. Often, all participants of the conference are not sitting in one room, because they have different tasks.

7. Technical equipment you will need. For each client free of charge we offer - flipchart with paper and markers, overhead projector and screen, paper notebook and pen for each participant.
Additional technical equipment
In case any of required things is not listed, please let us know and we will provide it.
It is also able to use your own technical equipment.

8. Day plan

  • At what time participants arrive in hotel
  • At what time conference starts
  • What and how long breaks are required during the day
  • At what time conference ends

Things that are important to plan, if during the conference will also require:

  • Coffee breaks
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Accommodation
  • Additional activities