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Dimantu dermabrāzijas sejas procedūra ar plastificējošu masku

Techni SPA

Skin restoration and correction with micro dermabrasion method, using diamond crystal cap – for all skin types. Safe and very effective, controlled method ensures safe dermabrasion of the skin’s top layer, averts different skin defects and stimulates creation of new, healthy skin.

Indications: Scar or scar after acne; Enlarged pores; Wrinkles; Damaged skin from sun; Sere dead gray skin; Hyperpigmentation Stretch marks; Thick (keratinized) skin etc. Notice: Oncology; Moles; Pyoderma (purulent rash); Open cuts; Severely irritated skin after sun exposure, etc. After the treatment slight reddening can be witnessed that fades away in few hours.

The treatment includes: milk, toner, peeling, dermabrasion, serum, plastifying mask, cream.