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Relaxation for body and soul Hotel Jurmala SPA

In a rainy autumn, it is especially important to take care of your mental and physical health. In the Hotel Jurmala SPA in the beauty salon and SPA center, as well as in the sauna and pool center “Wellness Oasis”, you can recuperate, improve your well-being and simply have a good time both alone and with your family. We offer over 200 different treatments, so it's safe to say that everyone will find something for themselves here. In this article, we will tell you about the most popular treatments, which are especially appreciated by the guests of Hotel Jurmala SPA.


Hotel Jurmala SPA offers a wide range of rituals for face and body - we are especially proud of the Kemmern mud rituals, which balance the emotional state, reduce anxiety, stress, increase immunity and activate blood circulation. Kemmern citrus mud ritual will be especially useful for those who work a lot with the computer, while calamus mud ritual stimulates the whole body, improving the structure of the skin, eliminating signs of cellulite and modeling the silhouette.


To restore mental and physical balance, we recommend Thalasso, chocolate, green tea, wellness or vitamy rituals - all these treatments rejuvenate and nourish the skin, promote the elimination of harmful substances and toxins from the body, and also solve various aesthetic skin problems. These rituals are carefully thought out, our spa specialists will take care of you and at the end of the treatment you will feel refreshed.


Hotel Jurmala SPA also offers various water treatments, such as underwater massage, which is especially recommended for problems with joints and spine. This massage will improve metabolism, blood circulation, and relieve stress and improve sleep. We can also recommend Charcot Shower - massage with a strong stream of water - it will increase the tone of the body, increase the elasticity of the skin and reduce cellulite. Speaking of water rituals, we also thought about children - for the little hotel guests we offer a pearl bath, which, depending on your desire, can tone or calm the nervous system, relieve muscle and bone pain, and improve metabolism.

spa for kids

With the onset of wet autumn weather, we especially recommend visiting the Salt cave of the Hotel Jurmala SPA - an artificial salt cave into which visitors inhale fine salt dust. Salt therapy is using for various chronic diseases of the skin or respiratory tract, but it is also recommended to strengthen the immune system.

salt cave

Strengthening the body as a whole is, of course valuable, but it is worth thinking about individual parts of the body as well. Those in a rush will definitely appreciate our Thai foot ritual - a deeply relaxing foot massage performed by hand with a special wooden stick. The massage will relax tense muscles and improve the functioning of the joints of the foot.

Thai ritual

After the hot summer season, the sun not only pampered our body, but possibly harmed not only our skin, but also our hair. Therefore, Hotel Jurmala SPA recommends a strengthening or moisturizing hair ritual that will heal dry or damaged hair thanks to the climazone used in the treatment.

hair ritual

We hope we have inspired you to take care of yourself during the rainy season. We wish you to be in the best shape. See you at Hotel Jurmala SPA!