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If Christmas gifts, then Hotel Jurmala SPA

This year, too, we have a few ideas for unforgettable gifts. We believe that there is nothing better than spending time together creating new, unforgettable memories. While the white snowstorms are blowing outside, but dinner at home has lost its charm for some time, it allows us to plan, warm up and take care of you! Why can we say for sure that all Christmas roads lead to Hotel Jūrmala SPA? Look!

Our desire is to pamper you. Thank you for achieving your goals and dreams, for harder and slightly easier days. Above all, invite yourself to remember about pampering yourself. Remind me to thank you. In addition, we want to do it, regardless of the season or the weather outside the window. We find the most suitable offers for every feeling, desire and season. Moreover, if you are still sinking in the dream of winter, this is the right time to introduce you to the winter offer. Exactly! The most suitable hot drink for the snow time, a one and a half hour visit to the Wellness Oasis or one of the SPA treatments. We have put together only the warmest feelings, all you have to do is allow yourself to the magic of winter and choose the most tempting offer.

Pamper yourself, your loved ones or your little ones - regardless of your choice, we will have ideas for both holiday gifts and relaxation until the very holiday! Tangerines, blackcurrants, oranges and ginger or almonds…this year are not just a delicious holiday table plan! These are delightful and interesting winter spa offers for the family. Oxygen health cocktail, massages, manicures or other beauty treatments - here you and your favorites will find your favorite moment of pleasure. The winter season is sparkling!

Not looking for a gift to give at a holiday, but ideas for celebrating Christmas itself? We will take care of setting the holiday table this year! Exactly what you are looking for is waiting for you - Christmas holiday offer! Do not lose the holiday traditions: enjoy a rich dinner and the second morning breakfast, but this year pamper yourself with especially careful holiday SPA treatments.

If you want to prolong the peaceful time of the holiday a little, and do it together with your other half, choose one of the treatments for couples. Forget about everyday worries and look back on the adventures you spent together during the year, cooling in a romantic pearl bath. However, this is just the beginning! Add to the magic of a pearl bath with a classical massage, hot stone massage or Himalayan salt hot stone massage.

Maybe you want to add health-friendly benefit to your after-holiday time. The real keyword will be "amber". You have already heard about the healing and valuable power of amber in promoting health, beauty and protection. End the year with a warm and thoughtful gift for the other half - a massage with amber balls or amber therapy. Not only the recipient of the gift will be grateful, but also your two bodies!

The festivities, as well as the time before and after them, must be celebrated! If you could not choose the most enjoyable treatment and offer for yourself or the recipient of the gift, we promise that you will not make a mistake with the electronic gift card! Do not be dazzled by the snowfall and Hotel Jūrmala SPA offers, choose a universal greeting! Greetings to those favorite. For those who are the most expensive. In addition, to those who truly deserve a moment for themselves!