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A guide to a healthy body during the cold season

The first frosts and mornings which cause the nose to turn bright pink, mean only one thing - it is time to take more intensive care of a healthy body. In addition, it must be done both internally and externally! Warming teas, essential vitamins for energy and, of course, focus on taking care of your well-being.

First and foremost - a few tips for daily care of the body:
• Choose creamy detergents or special washing oils with added moisturizers. After the shower, always pamper the skin with a nourishing cream containing ceramides, linolenic acid and glycerin;
• Moisturizing creams are used before bed, but nourishing - in the morning;
• Instead of abrasive peels, choose softer options so as not to injure the skin! In addition, use them in the evenings;
• Wash your hair as infrequently as possible - using shampoo and mask with moisturizers, as well as special hair oils;
• Protects hair from both heat and cold;
• For dry hair, it is recommended to use wide hair brushes with wooden bristles;
• Performs regular scalp massages to stimulate blood circulation and sebum formation, which will protect the scalp and help maintain the hair's natural moisture level;
• Avoid alcohol-containing products to avoid excessive drying of the skin.
That's right - a healthy body and spirit are formed in small daily practices. However, we, Hotel Jūrmala SPA, have taken care of even more effective health-promoting treatments. They will not only pamper your body, but will also provide a moment of rest from the usual daily race. And if there is anyone who definitely deserves it, it is You!
According to the coolness behind the window, we are thinking of treatments that will warm you by nourishing and caressing your skin during the cold weather of the year. Try chemical peeling for new sensations and energy impulses. During the treatment, the self-regulation and regeneration processes of the skin are stimulated with controlled skin irritation. If this winter your skin needs a lifting effect, and you want to stabilize the skin's relief and color, we recommend trying microdermabrasion. This treatment will not only be a great help in restoring the elasticity and healthy appearance of the skin, but will also be a pleasurable procedure for your face, chin, décolleté area and the whole body. During microdermabrasion, we will pamper your body with various diamond tips. Will you allow yourself to enjoy an unprecedented experience? Maybe you want to try one of our modern anti-aging treatments this winter? We have the right key - see you in biorevitalization! During the treatment, the skin is deeply moisturized with hyaluronic acid injections. Taking care of a rich skin nourishment in cold weather is the best we can do for ourselves!
In maintaining a healthy body, small things and practices in everyday life are important, which we already told you about at the beginning of the article. However, we want to pay more attention from time to time, as does our body. Various masks and body creams with chocolate or clay will feed your skin with healthy and useful substances to avoid inflammation, peeling or redness of the skin. The most popular treatments and masks are combined in the popular winter offer - wrapping masks with a warming effect. Yes, we continue to heat!
During wrapping treatments, all the good substances get even deeper into the skin, cleansing it, removing excess toxins, reducing the presence of malignancies and cellulite, and improving blood circulation and lymph. Each wrapping treatments is like a visit to the sauna, only more effective and prone to problem areas. Choose the wrapping procedure that best suits your desires and goals, to leave the SPA salon with a happy body and radiant eyes! Will it be chocolate bandage or contrast wrapping? Maybe your body longs for thalassotherapy,Kemmern mud or anti-cellulite treatment "Slender lady from Jurmala"?

We also have ideas for those who will not be addressed by a specific treatments or wrapping experience. Old, legendary and ever better - massages! With us, try the most unusual experience in various massages and rituals with hot stones or bags with linden flowers or cherry stones. Also try a body slimming massage with Histomer cream,Himalayan salt hot stones or unforgettable Thalasso, chocolate, as well as a ritual for men. We will also play with heat in massages and rituals, this time to relax the muscles.
We are aware of the wide range of opportunities when visiting Hotel Jūrmala SPA. Therefore, to make your choice easier, we have put together a number of special offers! But if you want to choose the right procedure for you, lounging in our comfortable rooms or relaxing in the Wellness Oasis pools, our Autumn offer will suit you best! 
Can there be anything better? In fact, yes! Put on your most comfortable clothes, swimsuit and see you in a three-day wellness programm. All that will be needed from you within these three days is surrender and liberation. We will prepare for you healthy meals, spa treatments, massages, as well as complete health examinations and sports. Allow yourself a complete restart and come back with renewed vigor and emotion.
Pamper yourself with vitamins, tea read in the middle of summer and delicious bee honey, but don't forget to pamper your body from the outside as well. We take care of each other, but above all - each of us first and foremost!